Pumpkin Fiesta 2014 – Update 2 – Kitty’s Guide to Pumpkin Carving

photo (40)


This is Kitty.

“Oh boy, we were busy carving and carving.”

The 2014 pumpkin may be almost done.  Once these guys started carving, they didn’t stop.


1.  Fresh pumpkin is best.  We get our pumpkins from a local farm.  Supermarket pumpkins may begin to rot sooner than we like.  (Organic pumpkin if possible.)

2. We make a mess when carving.  Be prepared to clean up more than usual.  (Beware – Rats will toss pumpkin guts out through the walls of the cage, as rats don’t like messy cages.)

3. We wash our pumpkin with water.

4.  Sometimes, a little starter hole helps.  We like a one inch wide hole near the bottom of the pumpkin.

5.  It can take rats hours and even days to carve a pumpkin.  Be patient.


Some notes on pumpkin size.  We currently have nine rats and a pumpkin that fits into their cage works well.  If we had one or two rats, I would recommend smaller pumpkins.  We start each Pumpkin Fiesta with training pumpkins which are very small pumpkins (about 3 inch diameter).

Some notes on health risks. We’ve had our rats carve pumpkins for a few years now without health issues.  No diarrhea.  Yes, they eat the guts and they love the seeds.  I can not guarantee safety for your own rats.  Between pesticides and pumpkin rot, there are, of course, some risks.  But, I can say my rats love carving pumpkins.

Discard any pumpkin that is rotting.

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