Hero Rat Theme Song

Today, APOPO linked their theme song on their Facebook page.  And, I just had to share.

APOPO is an NGO that trains African Giant Pouched Rats to detect mines and Tuberculosis.  They are a Belgian organization, but they are based out of Tanzania where their training programs are located.  They started removing mines from Mozambique, but with their successes, they have expanded to other countries around the world that suffer from mine fields where people are trying to live.  Check out their impressive mine detection work here.

And, as if that’s not amazing enough, APOPO has rats that detect Tuberculosis and save even more lives.

Also, I’ve heard that APOPO is researching other projects such as having rats help with disaster recovery by training rats to maneuver around a disaster area with a camera attached to the rat.  This last area fascinates me greatly, and I hope that APOPO has great success with this area of research.

Last thing, I wanted to mention was that a great Christmas/holiday gift could be a HeroRat adoption.

Here’s a video about Hero Rat adoption.

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