Happy Thanksgiving – Keep it Simple

photo (2)


That’s my pot of cranberry sauce to be.

I grew up with canned cranberry sauce, and it seems so simple.  Buy the can.  Use can opener.  And, dump the can-shaped cranberry jelly into a dish and serve.  And, I loved it.

Then, ….  Last year, I found out how much I’d been deceived.  Making cranberry sauce from scratch is simple.

Buy bag of fresh cranberries.  Dump cranberries into sauce pan (high sides are good).  Add a cup of water.  Add a cup of sugar.  Boil, and then reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes.  Cool and enjoy.

See… The instructions take up the same amount of space, and here’s the added value.  It tastes better.  The cranberries do all of the work.  They mush themselves, and they gel themselves.  And, they pop like popcorn for added enjoyment.

I loved cranberry sauce before.  I love it more now.

And, … everyone will think you spent hours struggling to make cranberry sauce, unless they’re in the know…

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and Keep it Simple.

photo (3)

(My cranberry sauce just a gelling.)

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