My Sewing Machine – A Tad Under the Weather


photo 2



My poor sewing machine’s gizzards are all strewn apart.  This Singer 66 is my first vintage sewing machine, and she is my wonderful workhorse.  As I’ve learned how to refurbish sewing machines (I’m still a rank beginner), I’ve figured out that this machine was only partially refurbished, and that’s why her parts have been brought out from under her skirts to see the light of day.

Anyways, her main electrical wires had been replaced, but she still has some original wiring.  This mess is the interim step to replace the wiring, as well as replace a small bit of the motor controller that had snapped after decades of use.  For months, my machine has been limping along with a vital part of the motor controller snapped in two and just crammed back together with only friction keeping the machine sewing.

photo 3


I love vintage things like the nameplate for the controller.  I might have to shine that piece up.

photo 1

Here’s a closer-up of the actual motor controller (the white thing).  And, the wee black thing (not the big black thing) at the bottom of the white thing is snapped in two.


photo 4


I had to include this photo.  It’s just wrong to have a sewing machine motor’s just lying there.  Just wrong.

It looks like my Featherweight might get a work-out today.

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