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Sherlock Nomming – Wordless Wednesday

This is Sherlock enjoying a bit of cookie.   Doesn’t he look so sweet and lovable? Well, he is definitely lovable, and he’s a wonderful couch potato and a great companion for video gaming.  However, most of my rats think … Continue reading

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Cute Purse – The Cage This Week

Upstairs – This week, Sherlock and Smudge are hanging out here.  We’ve taken down the super hammock, and they have the singleton of the Tulip.  A bunch of boxes were added, too. Downstairs is for the crowd.  I wish this … Continue reading

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Our Rodent of Unusual Size says “Hi” – Wordless Wednesday

Here’s Doc.  He’s my 2 pounder of pure muscle.  He is humongous.  If he looks normal sized in the photo, it’s only because black is slimming. At his size, he should be a wonderful squish, but he’s not fat, so … Continue reading

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Super Hammock – The Cage This Week

Upstairs, this week, is a bit special.  One of our super hammocks was put up.  That’s our hammock that stretches across the entire level.  We also put a smaller hammock between the super hammock and the ceiling which the rats … Continue reading

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Spring Lamb Cake

(This has been a side project of mine for awhile that I’ve wanted to share. ) Welcome to my vintage cooking/kitchen portion of my blog.  This is where I attempt to recreate a kitchen of yesteryear.  Well, it’s more an … Continue reading

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Butters Loves His Stylish Kleenex Box

Ok,  I admit it.  Yes, when I buy Kleenex boxes, I think … hmmm… how will a rat look inside that box? Here’s Butters modeling a wintry themed tissue box that has had a little bit of remodeling done. Powered … Continue reading

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Upstairs Downstairs – This Week in the Cage

Dorian welcomes you to the Downstairs.  Butters is hanging out in the box in the back. Downstairs in its full glory.  One day after a full cleaning, it’s already a mess with litter box accidents and the space pod holding … Continue reading

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